Focus on a specific market
and getting the first paying customers
to raise the next funding round
Decommissioned property marketplace
We created IT solution for the written off property sale.
First it was sold to the employees, and then — to the external market
DataHub of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation
Building a Data Hub and a recommendation module based on machine learning algorithms within the "Element" educational marketplace
BigData marketing platform for Aeroflot
We build a unique 360 customer profile, dynamic segmentation models and Life Time Value for targeted marketing
What will we help you with
  • We will conduct an express audit of the current state of the startup
  • We will form development zones that require elaboration, we will offer tools and frameworks
  • Let's test hypotheses together
  • We will allocate the MVP of your product to your budget, outline the limitations
  • We will prepare a cool pitchdeck for the investor
  • We organize the work of your product team
  • We will recommend the necessary materials / lectures / courses for self-realization or the necessary specialists
  • Let's dive into the business problem and give an estimate of the feasibility of implementation
  • We will conduct a market and competitor research, form a map of risks and opportunities
  • We will form a project plan for launching a digital service, with an estimate of the timing and budgets of each stage
  • We will help with the preparation of a presentation for the protection of the project and investments from the management
  • We will provide support for the implementation or implementation of your business tasks by our resources
  • We will conduct a comprehensive duedil of an investment portfolio or a specific startup
  • We will conduct market research for specific niches and industries
  • We will analyze the M&A venture capital market, form an assessment of the potential, and highlight the risks
  • We will form a team or find missing founders
  • We will prepare recommendations for the development of a startup, test hypotheses
What our clients say
Yes, yes, these are real reviews
Wilfred Ruijsch
Enterprise solutions project director in Insolar
The biggest win of the workshops was the cross-functional alignment within our team. Really helped us becoming more down to earth, focused on selling a sellable product in the here and now, vs thinking about a future 'spaceships'.
Well prepared. Showed our blind spots. Real world examples helped.
Alexander Karandin
The BadIdea team was able to dive into the essence of the product in a short time, understand the problems of the construction industry and develop a product strategy, prototype and take part in joint meetings with customers and investors. I believe that the success achieved in creating the product, we are in many respects grateful to the BadIdea team.
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