Digital platform for construction industry
Product consulting and feature roadmap
Market research
Our services
UX/UI design
Investor's pitch deck
- Market research and in-depth problem and solution interviews

- Defined the vision of them project: digital transformaton of construction industry

- Ernesto.Group is a very experienced team of proffessionals in construction industry that was eager to know about best Lean startup frameworks to disrupt the industry, turn their hypotheses into insights and competitive advantage for their IT-platform, set up a fundraising process and get first clients for their MVP

Why did it work?
Deep industry expertise of our client with combination of lean startup frameworks and broad experience of BadIdea consultants in prototyping and selling complex B2B SaaS solutions allowed us to design an innovative product for industry disruption, that was quickly accepted by tech-pioners of construction companies.
Alex Karandin
"BadIdea team promptly managed to catch the main challenges of construсtion industry and helped us to turn our ideas into assumpltions and test them on real clients. They delivered great design, tought us solution- selling on the minimum technical feauters ad helped us to form vision and materials for fundraising. Many thanks!"
СЕО of Ernesto.Group
To help a startup team of Ernesto.Group to come from idea of an IT-platform for construction industry to a functional business with MVP, customer funnel and "ready-to-fundraise" kit
• Landing page
• Colorful clickable prototype and video-demo
•. Busines model
•. Financial model
•. PitchDeck for fundraising
Cloud platform to manage the life-cycle of construction process