Major agroproduction company
Customer Development and new-business concept development

Our services

Market research
Customer Development
Business model


To define the most undersered pains of middle size farmers that could be solved by a new digital product that will be created based on 3 business lines of our client

The new product should use the power of all three areas, gaining an "unfair advantage" over competitors:
Agribusiness product trader
Financing of legal entities
Fertilizer production

What was done

Expert Interviews
Problem interviews
Journey Map
Market research and deep dive into the industry problems in just 2 weeks. Experts interviews helped us to define client segment and talk to potential customers on their slang gaining more trust
Customers in-depth interviews got us plenty of insights about their major pains and fears and helped to prioritize the needs to serve the most promising solution market needs
The corn production cycle defines problems farmers face on each stage thus CJM helped us to find the right moment and channel to offer our solution

Why did it work?

We believe that customers come forward when:
You show compassion to their needs and listen
You speak their language and is aware of industry issues
You offer them to create a product for their needs
On each project we gather the dream team of industry experts to guarantee our clients the latest industry insights. Then we run in-depth interviews to find underserved needs customers are ready to pay for.