Internal innovation community and strategic group session
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The challenge
After new top-management joined the company, the experience of elder generation and classic management practice had to face the challenge to be more flexible, act fact and follow the constant changes in the market.

We run a set of events that allowed company:
- to define the goals and values for the next year
- align with the clientoriented approach
- start thprocess of generating new products and services for current client base
What we did
Strategic planning session for all employessпанию
When the web service cloud provide merged with major financial holding, the corporate culture became an issue. How to change the corporate culture and vision to grow 10X in a year?
Weekly community sessions and workshops "Innovative enviroment" for salemen and product managers on the following topics:
Design Thinking
Lean Startup
Journey Map
Development & JTBD
On each worksohop employess were choosing several topic and using innovative frameworks:
— defined underserved needs of current clients
— run problem and solution interviews
— built prototypes
— created action plans of intergrating new approaches into their routines and business processes
Why did it work?
Signle workshop has the effect of extinction, if new skills are not integrated into daily work. By developping the cycle of weekly lectures we managed to create a habit in the company to be open to new frameworks, test them and take the best of them into their business processes. We have created truly innovative and open-minded community that were spreading the word about their experience across the company and became evangelists about new innovative cases
"BadIdea team has a truly innovative spirit and changed the minds of our employees a lot"
Henry Ustus
Deputy director of HR departnment
Technoserv company group