Why Bad Idea?
There are no bad ideas, you say?
According to statistics, less than 1% of business hypotheses turn into a commercially successful digital product.

What happens to the other 99%?
These 99% of hypotheses are maximum
quickly check and "kill"
saving time and business resources

We are convinced that in the age of the Economy of Ideas
the most important skill of an entrepreneur is
the ability to quickly and effectively test their ideas.
And it often happens that the most unsightly or too
a risky idea turns out to be not so bad.
We already checked and killed
uneffective hypothesis
Fail fast — philosophy defining
quick business hypotheses verification approach
for early identification of their value.
The key goal of this philosophy is to shorten the time
and the costs
of non-working business hypotheses,
and quickly try something else: do a pivot.
By testing business hypotheses
we help startups and companies
reach their goals faster,
saving resources and time.
Our manifest
We definitely love
love doing, not chatting
Hypothesis verifying
We test (and reject) hypotheses a lot, and we've learned to do it super efficiently. First of all, our clients appreciate the speed of our work and response to emerging information.
A wide range of digital tools helps us in this.
Data-driven in every step
We take responsibility for the entire cycle of creating a digital product: from idea to reaching payback. At each stage we form and track success metrics, on which we base our conclusions.
We have extensive experience in IT development of varying complexity: we have created mobile applications for consultants of the cosmetic network and services for predicting the marriage of metal slabs using machine learning algorithms.
BadIdea — not classical consulting.
We successfully combine:
Consulting firm rigor
and startup culture
BadIdea is a partnership of consultants, serial entrepreneurs, and product experts. In practice, we see that it is cross-industry collaborations that provide the maximum business effect for our clients.
and operational know-how
We continually continue to engage in commercial projects, side-by-side with product managers and growth specialists, while remaining immersed in the most pressing problems and solutions in the industry.
We have the agility of a startup, ambitions of a major player
and firm conviction,
that unity is our strength.
Our story
The initiative team forms a community specializing in the development of applied product competencies in Russia
December 2018
BadIdea participants help a corporate startup to attract internal investment, develop MVP and enter the market, as well as organize participation in the A! One conference
May 2019
We are speaking at Russian Tech Week with an approach to creating a digital platform for working with data
Speaking at Positive Hack Days on data protection in collaboration with copyright protection service iReg
September 2019
We are implementing the federal project DataHub within the framework of the national digital education project
November 2019
Speaking at EdCrunch (Tomsk) on Data Management and Machine Learning Applications in Education
November 2019
Speaking at the RevGen Insight Summit (Amsterdam) on the competencies of the seller of the future
April 2020
We are implementing a project for the development of a business concept for an agro-marketplace for a large agricultural holding
July 2020
Conducting a UX / UI study of the Moscow Electronic School for DIT in Moscow
November 2020
Speaking at Click CDO about low-code tools for rapid prototyping
December 2020
We conduct a series of trainings and workshops for the founders of the blockchain startup Insolar